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What is Coaching?

Ever wish you had someone you could be brutally honest with, and could trust to hold your truths like a vault?

Are you looking for a trusted partner to listen closely to you, to help you design the path forward, to ultimately challenge you to achieve what you want (and hold you accountable if you need it)?

Need someone to cheer you on, and sometimes push you out of your comfort zone and issue challenges that will accelerate your growth?

Personal Coaching

The goal of personal coaching is to help you think deeply about your goals, values and desires so that you gain a level of clarity and achievement you’ve never had before. While you work together, Tegan will provide you with tools and exercises to make the path to those goals and desires actionable. Tegan specializes in life, transition and career coaching and is ready to help you shift, stretch, grow and achieve!

Career Coaching

Career development and transition can be difficult to navigate and people are often uncertain they are making the right decisions or taking the right risks. Tegan is a career transition consultant and expert leadership recruiter and coach who has helped thousands of talented people land new jobs. She will help you discover what kind of work and career milestones align to your personal values and goals.

In addition, you can partner with her for: guidance on how to manage your job search, interview preparation/mock interviews, insight into how recruiters/HR professionals/hiring managers think, help negotiating during the offer process and access to resources, tools and articles to help you during your career transition.

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Being a leader is one of the most rewarding and most difficult roles to play. Strong leaders know where they excel. They want to make sure they foster their gifts and achieve stretch goals. At the same time, these same amazing leaders often suffer under the weight of competing priorities, identity loss or under-development, work-life imbalance or a general feeling of misalignment of the personal and work personas. Coaching is the perfect method to assist on both fronts!

We work with leaders of varying tenure, emerging to executive.

If you’re an emerging leader, we can help you identify the leadership philosophy you most identify with, develop your strategic vision and ensure you’re developing the competencies you need to become the leader you’ve always aspired to.

Our seasoned leaders and executives often come to the table with ideas on what they want to work on and we are here to help you clear the path and offer new perspectives on your problems (both old and new).

Bring us into your organization to host group coaching sessions and/or to teach your leadership team coaching skills that they can incorporate into their management practice.

Resume Consultation

Tegan partners with Seeking Success to offer you support with your resume. Her clients are offered a discounted service package and complimentary resume consultation. Click here to schedule a consultation.

What people are saying

“I have had the pleasure of being coached and mentored by Tegan for about 5 years now. When I first met Tegan, I was at the beginning of my career, still unsure of exactly where I wanted to land in the human resources field. After I started gaining experience and knew I was ready for the next (or first) big step in turning my job into a career, Tegan was (and continues to be) right there to support me. Tegan is able to help you see where you want to go, even before you realize it. She takes the time to do self-development exercises to ensure you know the objective of what you’d like to accomplish, and helps you design all the steps you need to take in order to achieve it. She doesn’t just fill in the blanks for you, but asks the right questions to help you realize and come to the answers yourself.

Regardless of how seasoned a professional you are, understanding how to approach a career development conversation is critical to your growth and success. One of the first exercises Tegan gave me was a SWOT analysis to understand where I am in my role today and what I need to learn to be ready for my next role tomorrow. This exercise has continued to challenge my self-awareness. She walked me through putting together a role analysis which consisted of evaluating the responsibilities of my current role against the impact to business, to my development, and role satisfaction. Doing a similar exercise for my ideal role, I was able to really understand what I needed to do to drive my career and success. This exercise still today allows me to understand the objective I’m trying to accomplish, and the correct conversation and talking points I need to have in order to achieve it. These exercises gave me the confidence I needed in order to take that next step I desired.

As a professional, one of the hardest things to learn is how to navigate through a tough conversation, especially with one of your superiors. This is also one of those things that you need to learn how to do correctly from the beginning of your career, as sometimes bad habits stick around! I can’t even think of the number of times I’ve been able to reach out to Tegan to say “hey, I need to run something by you. I have this problem, and need to approach this person. Here are my thoughts on how to approach this conversation, what are your thoughts?” She has this incredible ability to show you all angles of your approach to help you reach the best outcome. True genius.

As a former Recruiter, I talked through compensation all day with hiring managers, candidates, and other professionals within the industry. I also navigated many compensation negotiations when it came to closing offers. But, when it was time for me to negotiate my own compensation for the first time, it was frightening. I wanted my company to know how excited and appreciative I was over the offer I received, but I also knew that I had a specific number in mind for me to take the job and feel valued. Tegan was my first call because I knew she would understand, and I also knew that she would help me get real about what I really wanted from the compensation conversation. She walked me through my career progression, how my role impacted the business, and how then how to approach the conversation. We focused on making sure I was speaking the language of the business by highlighting my contributions and how they impacted the company’s strategy. After a few conversations and never doubting the value of my work, I got the outcome and money I wanted.

Tegan is an amazing career coach. She really takes the time to understand the person and their learning style to help them succeed. She is a great mentor and inspiration for professionals, and a true expert in the people industry. She cares about you as a person, and takes the time to build a relationship that lasts. She is open and comforting, but can give you tough love and a push when it’s needed. Either way, she is always there to celebrate all the wins with you to give you confidence as a person and a professional. I have already taken the exercises and advice she once provided to me to help other professionals, in hopes to one day be able to give back as someone incredible once did for me.”

– Manager, Human Resources

“Tegan has provided me with career coaching the last few months. I decided I was ready to make a big career move, and I wanted expert guidance as I created that path forward. Tegan has been instrumental in reshaping my personal brand.  Her guidance helped me to transition from technical department manager to executive leader.  She very quickly made me realize that my existing resume and online presence were perfect for the position I was in, but not for the position I sought.  She helped focus my plans and actions on exactly what I wanted to achieve.

Being coached by Tegan has been an extraordinarily enlightening experience.  She was able to offer firm guidance but with a very compassionate tone that made me feel comfortable with taking an honest look at myself.   She listens to every thought and idea intently and offers excellent feedback in a very timely fashion.   Tegan clearly cares about her clients and their success on a deeply personal level. I highly recommend her services.”

– Engineering Executive (soon to be first-time CEO)

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