Talent Acquisition & HR Consulting

Improving talent attraction & retention


Recruiting Program Diagnostic

Let us help you optimize! We can conduct analysis and deliver scorecards on recruiting team performance and tools as well as help you understand how to improve the use of your current recruiting technology.

Let us help you position your team for success and create measurable outcomes. We are experts in process analysis, design/redesign, and documentation.

Interim Recruiting Leadership & Team Design

Leading during a time of change can be tough. However, we specialize in this and can help keep your team motivated, productive and implement a sound change management focus while we do the search for your permanent leader. Are you building a new team or redesigning your old team structure? We can help you make decisions that ensure you build a best in class team anywhere in the world by examining your hiring data, language needs, sourcing needs and which technologies you may already have that can help you automate part of that work.

HR Systems Consulting

Workplace Forward® partners with Brian Turk, LLC to offer you deep HR technology consultation. We encourage you to contact Brian if you have standalone HR systems needs.

Find out how we can help elevate your talent acquisition and HR programs.