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The leadership and executive search practice at Workplace Forward® was designed to consistently deliver in areas where other partners do not.

With Workplace Forward®, you are guaranteed expert level consultation, full-transparency on search activity, deep market insight, and access to top talent that other search partners are not uncovering.

We are pleased to extend client references as you consider working with us.
Because we believe in our work, we proudly offer a 60-day guarantee for our placements.

Unique Industries

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
Staffing  Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Electrical Utilities
Geospatial Imaging
Retail & Apparel

Enabling Functions

C-Suite & Executive
Human Resources
Accounting & Finance
Call Center

Technical Functions

Classical Engineering
Project/Cap Ex

What people are saying

Damar Services“As the newly appointed CHRO for my organization, I brought in Workplace Forward® to lead several strategic leadership and executive searches to support our growth initiatives.  The searches included a VP of Marketing and Communications, VP of Performance Management, Director of Talent Acquisition and Program Director for Applied Behavioral Analysis.  Workplace Forward® did a tremendous job managing these searches and rose to the challenge of finding critical niche talent for our organizational needs!

I would hire Workplace Forward® again for many reasons including 1) Proven success in sourcing top talent from other organizations, despite competitive and challenging market conditions (Workplace Forward® built targeted talent lists within our market and successfully engaged talent by selling the unique benefits of joining our organization), 2) Management of searches with exceptional customer service, including providing proactive search updates and creating trust with Hiring Leaders unfamiliar with executive search, 3) Transparent communications about candidate motivations and timing needs (Workplace Forward® real time communications allowed us to remove obstacles to achieve expedited offers).

Workplace Forward® stands out from the competition!  Even the information you will gain even from the proactive weekly updates on each search will help you better understand your market’s opportunities and limitations as well as will provide insight into what candidates are saying about your organization.  All this information, as well as competitive salary data, candidate pipeline reports and search status information ensured we not only could quickly move through the search process and secure great new additions to our team, but positioned us to better market our openings with top talent moving forward.”

– CHRO, Damar Services

REMC“We asked Workplace Forward® to help us fill a niche, technical leadership role for our organization. Our company has experienced tremendous growth. We are a unique industry and the competition for talent is fierce. Because of this we needed deeper consulting expertise than your run of the mill search partners offer. Workplace Forward® helped us gain clarity on the competencies our candidates needed to have, how to edit our job description and posting to reflect the true nature of the work and was transparent about the strategy and approach they used in order to discover talent for us.

While we had solid screening practices in place, Workplace Forward® was able to make recommendations to elevate them further and ensure that our candidates has a pleasant experience with our company. We were astounded by the level of market insight and data that they provided to us on a weekly basis. It allowed us to learn a lot about our local market and how we compare to similar companies across several states.

The candidates we were presented with were well screened for skill, culture and leadership fit. What we most enjoyed is that, from day one, Workplace Forward® became an extension of our team. Some of the conversations we had were tough, but open, honest and important. Our company and practices grew as a result. Our partnership was more than just a “search” engagement. We look forward to a continued partnership with Workplace Forward® in the future”

– Director of HR, Timpont REMC

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